Sunday, August 8, 2010

Program Mesra2 Gitu

Wawawawa..seems long time no update lorr...
I hev been too busy(konon2) and sometimes lazy to write stuff here!.hahahaha

Last week i had a great time meeting up wit all the Fs Daerah Kuala Krai, Kelantan. The course was so much fun!uhh...ramai rupanya fs2 yg xkenal..

1st day..belajar format komputer..sory sgt2 kt demo2..huhu..aku punyela bgus tgk pc depan je bg mklumat pc kt pgs.skali ambik..dvd xleh msuk kt smue pc blkg.terpksa share 1 pc 4-5 org.Sob3!

2nd day.bes2!belajar wt website guna joomla..
This kind of skills is really good information for all Fs..
I Love to learn more on this topic for the next time.em!

3rd day.bolehla...belajar photoshop plak..walaupon xbyk n benda sm yg aku pnh tgk..ok la..
but the one i learned will be very useful to me;)

i really appreciate ur cooperation..
keep it up...;)

We can make a difference!
Thnks everyone for their support.

Will be continue with some pictures..!